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Crime Stoppers of Atlanta

Crime Information

Crime Alerts

In accordance with the Clery Act, the Georgia Tech Police Department will issue a timely warning notification when a crime has been committed of a violent or hazardous nature. View Recent Alerts.

Crime Statistics

Every month we update our year to date Part One crime statistics. These statistics compare the number of Part One offenses reported to us in the current year through the most recent complete month, to the same period a year ago. Definitions for the Part One offenses are available at the following external link: http://www.ucrdatatool.gov/offenses.cfm

Crime Logs

These are a list of crimes that have happened on campus with a little summary about them.

Crime Awareness Appendix

This graphical information illustrates crimes on campus reported to the Georgia Tech Police Department and the Campus Security Authorities during the past three years. The numbers represent the total crimes in that category, including those committed on campus, off campus, and on public property immediately adjacent to campus. For the complete report, including numbers from the City of Atlanta, please review our Campus Safety Report

Fire Safety Report

The Fire Safety Report starts on page 23 of the Campus Safety Report.

Crime Map

The Crime Map application allows you to see where crimes have been committed according to the search information that you enter.

Safety Videos

A list of videos with information regarding several ways to help you and others stay safe.