USG Expands Tuition Assistance Benefit


  • Nominate Students to Coach Peers

    The Counseling Center is looking for students to apply as coaches for Fall 2018 and is seeking recommendations from faculty and staff members.

  • Caring for Aging Parents

    During a Caring for Aging Parents session in the Benefits and Wellness Education Series, representatives from Tech’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) outlined some logistics and resources to assist with caregiving.

  • Researchers Determine Routes of Respiratory Infectious Disease Transmission on Aircraft

    A recent study conducted by researchers from Emory University and Georgia Tech found that an infectious passenger with influenza or other droplet-transmitted respiratory infection will most likely not transmit infection to passengers seated farther away than two seats laterally and one row in front or back on an aircraft. The study was designed to assess rates and routes of possible infectious disease transmission during flights.

  • Annual Integrity and Compliance Campaign Is Underway

    Integrity and Compliance Campaign ends April 6.